Ravda - Studios
The small village of Ravda is situated between the town of Nessebar and the village of Aheloy. Ravda is known as a preferred place of young people and students for the budget accommodation it offers.

Places of Interest: The picturesque old town of Nessebar is just a few minutes away from Ravda by car. Next to Nessebar is Sunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag) - one of the most luxurious Bulgarian resorts, offering all the range of tourist facilities. Once accommodated in Ravda, one can also visit Sunny Beach, Elenite holiday city and the beautiful Emine Cape - the latter considered to be one of the two most impressive capes along the coast, together with Kaliakra.

Accommodation: One can choose among 15 hotels and a number pensions and private lodgings at moderate prices. The village also hosts several youth complexes of bungallows, though these are usually booked beforehand.

Catering: There are around 10 taverns, 10 restaurants and 5 beer pubs, offering different types of cuisine and fish specialties. Snack bars and off-road caravans with snacks, beer and soft drinks abound in the town and along the beach as well. One can also buy fruit and vegetables directly from local producers.

Transport: High-frequency bus lines connect Ravda to Bourgas, Nessebar and Sunny Beach. Route taxis, minibuses and ordinary taxis run along the same route as well. Private water transport to Bourgas and Nessebar can be used upon agreement with boatsmen. Similarly to the southern seaside towns of Primorsko and Kiten, Ravda also has its own open-air 'mini-train', travelling at a low speed to the nearby town of Nessebar and back.

Studio in Apollon 3 - Ravda

Ravda - Studios

Studio in Apolon 3 - Ravda The small village of Ravda is situated between the town of Nessebar and the village of Aheloy.


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